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The Ultimate Guide to Cars in Hot Wheels™ Rift Rally
07.20.23NewsPaul Jones | Velan Studios

Your Car Collection Starts Here!

One car, infinite possibilities! Powered by top secret rift engine technology, the Chameleon’s an all-in-one car that can morph into dozens of other Hot Wheels™. Ready to unlock the secrets of your Chameleon and rule the road? 

Blogpost - Cars Introduction - Collection Screen

Uncovering Mystery Programs

Check out your cars in the Collection menu! Every Mystery Program you earn becomes a brand new ride – just rev your engine to load the program and see what the Chameleon will change into next! You’ll earn Mystery Programs everywhere in Hot Wheels™ Rift Rally just by playing, whether it’s clearing Challenges in the Campaign Mode or racking up data shards in Stunt Mode! There’s even supercharged Spectraflame cars reserved for the best drivers who prove themselves on the track!

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Bone Shaker Gameplay

Do Your Stats Stack Up?

Even the best drivers have to start somewhere! You’ll kick off your Rift Rally career with the all-time classic Bone Shaker, and it won’t be long before you’ll have a whole garage-full of transformations for the Chameleon. Every ride has totally unique stats in five different areas:

  • Top Speed: Determines your maximum speed! Move fast, win races – pretty simple!

  • Acceleration: How quickly can your car reach its maximum speed? If there’s hazards everywhere, then acceleration is just what you need!

  • Braking: Speed isn’t everything – the better your braking stat, the faster you can slow down! This might come in handy when you’re taking on the really tough Challenges!

  • Boost: Higher boost means massive speed when you spend your rift energy! Get enough and you’ll practically break the sound barrier!

  • Energy: Never stop boosting when you drive a vehicle with high energy! Your maximum energy increases the higher this stat goes, meaning more energy when you start and more you can recover with drifts!

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Pip Pack

Customize that ride! 

Cash in an Overclock Token and you’ll unlock an additional ten stat points to supercharge your car. Patch up that low boost, or max out that top speed – however you like it, you can drive it! You can even change up your stats between Challenges so you’re always driving the right car for the job!

And don’t forget, you can unlock custom car colors for any ride with Overclock Tokens – pick from four premade patterns, or come up with your own amazing paint job!

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Custom Paint

Amazing Abilities!

When the Chameleon takes on another car’s form, you’ll upgrade your performance AND your arsenal! Every car is tricked out with one of eight special abilities to give you the edge over your rivals. Slow other cars down! Deplete their energy for boosts! Special abilities let you fight back as you battle for the gold!

  • Deep Intake: Activate an energy vortex around your car to drain nearby racers’ energy and add to your own.

  • Missile: Launches a smart projectile that homes in on a target in front of you!

  • Smart Mine: Drop a proximity-detonated trap onto the track, which you can also activate remotely by pressing the button again. Use your mini-map to know when to strike!

  • Smoke Trail: Spray a smokescreen of gray clouds behind yourself, hiding the track and forcing other cars to slow down!

  • Tire Spikes: Set down crafty tire-popping spikes that’ll hamper the steering of cars driving over them!

  • After Burn: Leave some flames in your tire treads that’ll linger on the track, slowing cars down who drive through them!

  • Tidal Wave: Surge forward on a wave of water, shoving other cars aside as you pass!

  • Barrel Drop: Unloads a rolling steel drum behind your car! The impact will slow cars down and their energy will take a hit.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Chameleon Gameplay

Here Come The Hot Wheels™!

You’re schooled up and ready to roll… It's time to meet the headliners of Hot Wheels™ Rift Rally!

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Cars Poster With Logo

There’s over 20 different rides in Hot Wheels™ Rift Rally, each with seven variations remixing their stats and abilities!

Hot Wheels™ Classics

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Boneshaker Render

Bone Shaker™

Rattling racers since 2006, this skeletal hot rod's massive boost and top Speed will get you racing at frighteningly high velocities.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Deora II Render

Deora™ II

There’s two surfboards in this aerodynamic flatbed and plenty of energy to fuel long-lasting boosts in search of the perfect wave.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Twin Mill Render

Twin Mill™

With its signature double motors and souped-up acceleration and top speed, this 1969 classic is an absolute beast on the race track.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Baja Truck Render

Baja Truck

Boogie down across the dunes with the perfect mix of acceleration and energy for fun in the sun.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Draggin Tail Render

Draggin’ Tail™

Fly down the highway with legendary top speed. You’ll be ready to quest, day or “knight!”

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Erikenstein Rod Render

Erikenstein Rod™

This tow-truck-turned-street-racer is ready to put in the work, and its braking, boost and energy will fix up your race times or your money back.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Gotta Go Render

Gotta Go™

This portable potty’s slow to get going, but it’ll bowl over other racers with its high energy gassing up its boosts. What a flush!

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Mach Speeder Render

Mach Speeder™

You’re not here to play around. When the Mach Speeder is under your command, expect the best in top speed and boost to bring you to the top of the rankings.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Mod Rod Render

Mod Rod

Despite lacking in boost power, this retro rod boasts acceleration and braking to beat anyone in the cornering department. 

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Muscle Bound Render

Muscle Bound™

Bulk up your best times with top speed, braking and energy to lift this powerful machine to new heights.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Rocketfire Render


Who knew strapping a rocket engine to a car was such a great idea? When you ride with Rocketfire, it's all boost, all the time!

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Sharkruiser Render


An aquatic classic, this street shark has ample acceleration, energy, and boost to sink its teeth into the toughest tracks.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Surf N Turf Render

Surf ‘n Turf™

Making a big splash in its 2017 debut, this zippy surf buggy's ready to hit the beach. Its unmatched acceleration lets you (sea) breeze through any obstacle!

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Winning Formula Render

Winning Formula™

The flat-out fastest car around with unbeatable top speed, but don’t expect much from its boosts. Ready to set the pace?

Rift Rally Originals

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Drift Devil Render

Drift Devil

Boosting not your style? Then this detailed devil's high acceleration, speed and braking will seal the deal.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Mad Muscle Render

Mad Muscle

This quintessential muscle car sports balanced acceleration, boost and energy to flex on your opponents.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - RR6 Render


Spoiler alert! This slick dragster's a balanced ride favoring top speed, making it a great fit for timed challenges.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Arctic Adventurer Render

Arctic Adventurer

Cool-headed drivers appreciate this rescue rumbler's supreme braking ability for technical challenges.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Dune Thrasher Render

Dune Thrasher

Got sand? No problem! Take all-terrain to the next level with this well-balanced towering truck.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - HMRR23 Render


Get tactical with this recon racer! Balanced stats favoring energy and boost will help you win with ease.

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Chameleon Render


In its true form, the Chameleon is a perfectly-balanced car that can do anything and everything you could want!

Special Guests

Blogpost - Cars Intro - Senna Render

McLaren Senna

Collectors Edition exclusive! First unveiled in 2018, the McLaren Senna defines aerodynamics in motorsports, and its world-class performance makes the jump to Rift Rally flawlessly, where it's built for top-of-the-line top speed and acceleration.

Create The Ultimate Chameleon!

That’s the whole roster… for now! Check back soon for more exciting rides coming to the Chameleon soon! Practice up, and first place will be yours in no time!

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