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Master Stunt Mode in the Campaign!
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Introducing the Campaign!

If you want to supercharge your selection of Hot Wheels™ cars for the Chameleon, then drive over to the Campaign Map! Every node leads to a challenge to complete or a reward to claim. Watch your completion progress go up with every win!

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Winning challenges is your biggest source for earning Overclock Tokens to customize your rides, Data Shards to earn new rides through Mystery Programs, and the key to earning the ultimate Spectraflame versions of your favorite Hot Wheels™! There’s even some extra-special unlockables that you’ll have to discover for yourself!

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Training Mode

Hold on, hotshot – you need to learn how to handle the Chameleon! Your first stop in Campaign is to play the tutorial, where you’ll master the basics with a little help from V. Once you’ve got acceleration, drifting, donuts and gear-shfting down to a science, you’re ready to check out your first open region of the Campaign Map: Stunt Mode!

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Stunt Training Campaign Challenges

Complete the tutorial and you’ll earn the right to free-drive in Stunt Mode from the Main Menu. While you can kick back and pick up some Data Shards by doing freestyle tricks, the real test of your stunt driving skill is in the Campaign! There’s eight challenges on the Stunt Training Campaign Map with awesome rewards reserved for top daredevils only. Here’s a crash course on how to win:

  • Wheelie 

    • Steering is overrated. Double boost to launch your car up into a wheelie.

    • Objective: Hold a wheelies for 3s

    • Reward: 1 Overclock Token, 1 Mystery Program

    • Tips: Drive the Chameleon on a straightaway and watch out for bumps! Using a car with low Top Speed can help if space is tight!

  • Donut

    • Burn out in a circle to do donuts. Do not try to eat the donuts. They are not food.

    • Objective: Do a donut

    • Reward: 2,250 Shards

    • Tips: If you’re playing on a mobile device, hold the chain-link icon between acceleration and brake and steer to perform a donut with ease!

  • Two Wheels

    • Double boost while leaning out of a drift to bring the car up on two wheels. It’s like a wheelie, but you can actually steer.

    • Objective: stay on two wheels for 3s

    • Reward: 6,250 Data Shards

    • Tips: Once you’ve started your drift, let go of your steering before tapping boost! Once you’re boosting, get back to steering to keep your balance!

  • Spin

    • Let’s try spinning, that’s a good trick! Double boost while turning into a drift to drive circles around the competition.

    • Objective: Do 2 spins

    • Reward: 6,500 Data Shards, 2 Overclock Tokens

    • Tips: Turn tight and double-tap the boost button to swing around. A great trick to keep your forward momentum, too!

  • Spin Reversal

    • Spin again, but this time spin until you’re drifting the other way. 

    • Objective: Do 2 spin reversals

    • Reward: 8,000 Data Shards

    • Tips: Practice using the same turn direction each time, then when you’re ready, steer the opposite direction during your spin!

  • Kick Flip

    • Channel your inner skater and do a gnarly kick flip by going up on two wheels while spinning.

    • Objective: Do 2 spin reversals

    • Reward: Spectraflame Baja Truck

    • Tips: An extra tap of boost is all it takes to turn your spin into a two-wheeled show-stopper!

  • Pirouette

    • Do a wheelie mid kick-flip for this ridiculous display of car control.

    • Objective: Do 2 pirouettes

    • Reward: Spectraflame Deora II

    • Tips: Count out your three total taps of boost to get it down to muscle memory! Take a wide corner and be patient!

  • One Wheel

    • How can you drive that thing with so many extra wheels? Hold the trick after a pirouette to drive around using only one wheel.

    • Objective: Stay on one wheel for 2s

    • Reward: Spectraflame RR6, Chameleon Lineart, 25 Overclock Tokens, 4 Mystery Programs

    • Tips: This is the biggest challenge yet! Hold boost after your third tap, then carefully steer your way to success!

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Off to the races!

Acing the stunt challenges will give your Chameleon a major boost in Mystery Programs and Overclock Tokens to kick off your racing career! The best part? We’re just getting warmed up! Next time, we’ll take a deep dive into the Dragon Scrapyard and gear you up with the tips to win big! ‘Til then, keep the engine hot, racers!

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