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Patch Notes Version 2.0

August 22nd, 2023

Hot Wheels Rift Rally has a software update available today!

Version 2.0 is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and iOS, and will auto-update next time you play to bring you the following upgrades:

New Features and Improvements

  • Increased the performance stats for all “Gotta Go” and “Winning Formula” car variants to match other car stat totals.

  • Added forward error correction to improve the Chameleon camera’s connection stability on slower connections.

  • Added backend telemetry to verify the connected Chameleon’s manufacturing date for support assistance.

  • Added an orange dot indicator to the top bar indicating that newly-acquired Mystery Programs and Overclock Tokens are ready to use.

  • iOS: Removed the bottom navigation bar and consolidated all menu navigation to the top bar.

  • iOS: Enlarged the “Start Driving” button and resized several UI elements for better legibility on mobile.

  • Added backend support for future content updates.

Additional Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where closing the game software during Co-Op results would cause a soft-lock when entering the single player Campaign.

  • Fixed a related issue preventing Campaign missions from unlocking if game software was closed during Co-Op results.

  • Fixed multiple errors caused by disconnecting from a Network Race lobby after other players have readied up then reconnecting, including seeing the wrong cars displayed, incorrect text, warning spam, significant lag, or disconnections from the lobby.

  • iOS: Fixed a soft-lock caused by selecting the connection HUD icon during a Network Race.

  • The Electro Radio Station now plays correct audio on all platforms.

  • Removed the audio delay between the Scrap Dragon’s animations and roar SFX.

  • Reduced the volume for SFX played when colliding with a snow pile in the Shevrani Tundra.

  • iOS: Fixed an issue preventing SFX from playing when navigating in sub-menus.

  • iOS: Fixed an issue with triggering menu prompts by dragging items over prompt buttons.

  • iOS: Fixed a visual glitch caused by a Network Race host disconnecting and players switching control settings.

  • Fixed an error in the description for the Tidal Wave special ability.

  • PS5: Fixed several collision errors with cones and construction barricades lacking knockback on Mirage Site-13.

  • PS4: Fixed a rare crash occurring during Training missions.

  • PS4 Pro: Fixed an issue where players are unable to pair after rest mode.

Got questions? Found an issue to report? Then reach out to us on our Support Page!  Thanks, racers, for helping make Hot Wheels Rift Rally the best it can be! Now… back to track building!

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