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How to Play

Charge your Chameleon with Rift Energy by drifting and performing stunts, then unleash boosts to leave other racers in the dust.


Set up the four Rift Gates, connect the Chameleon, and you're ready to roll.

Freestyle in Stunt Mode

Flip and spin in the free-driving Stunt Mode. Show off your skills by performing tricks and unlock new Hot Wheels® along the way.

Conquer New Challenges

Take your Hot Wheels® beyond racing. Play in multiple worlds with the Campaign Map. Battle monsters, blow up robots, and even... destroy noodle carts?

Customize Your Collection

Complete Challenges to unlock more Hot Wheels® vehicles, each with their own special moves. Use Overclock Tokens to fine-tune your car's performance and...

Co-op & Competition

Play co-op, taking turns in the driver's seat — or race up to four Chameleons in the same room.

Quick start

Here are some videos to walk you through your first drive with the Chameleon.
Check them out, and we'll see you at the starting line!

What are the system requirements?
Where can I buy this game?
Do I have to complete races to unlock new cars?
How does co-op play work?
How do I race other chameleons?
Is there online play in Hot Wheels®: Rift Rally?
What are the best ways to win a race?
What are special abilities?
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Mild Fantasy Violence
Comic Mischief
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